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Kolar – chapter one June 11, 2006

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Kolar – the story of a hero

Genre: Adventure
Description: This is a story of the past. Kolar, a simple boy of his time passes through the 19 vexi. The vexi – challenges set out by the ancients that no one had ever managed to defeat. Kolar sets out on a journey to prove that he is the chosen one – the one to bring down the malefic forces of his land. Meanwhile plots and unions of the underfoces try to bring him down. It’s up to you to make the sory look good!

The story:
It was a sunny day. The leaves rattled as a little breeze blew. And if it was hot then, it would surely get worse, as it was the morning. It was very dry this part of the year. And with little rainfall, every little drop of water was precious. The creek, the only source of water, was drying up. Everyone knew that it would eventually happen and that the drought would begin, but everyone hoped it wouldn’t happen. Life was very difficult without the nice cool atmosphere that it created. Some had already filled up their buckets and pots with water, but the little tools that the village had weren’t enough for storing enough water. Trius, the local “inventor” had been working on some sort of contraption that could store loads more water than any pot could, but so far, he couldn’t keep the water inside this iron barrel.
It was now getting hotter. At least the shades of the trees would protect people from the devastating effects of the sun.
Kolar, a 17 year old was getting ready to go hunting with his father. It was about midday. The reason for which he was attempting this, at such a harsh time of the day was because his father had devised a theory that when people felt tired and lacked the strength to run or hide, animals would feel the same.
Although this was a pretty bold assumption, and although Kolar was feeling pretty tired, he decided that he would help out his father.
Hinting was one of the “sacred” activities of the village. Animals were considered a blessing of the creek, and the creek was also regarded as something super natural. The creek was considered as the only source for the villagers’ survival.
It was time to leave. Kolar and his father would follow the trail of the river as the jungle paths were full of peril and many of those that had wondered through these jungles never came back out. Following the river was not dangerous during the dry season as the water was almost inexistent, but during the rainy days things were different.
Kolar had set out trailing behind his father, one couldn’t say that he was lagging behind, but truth be told, Kolar was out exploring and not hunting. His father however kept calling him and telling him to keep up.
“Kolar, come now! I have found something!”
Kolar immediately leapt towards his father. “Shhh” said he. Kolar was quiet.
Behind one of the bushes stood two men dressed in black. They were looking for something. Kolar and is father observed the two, trying to figure out what had happened.
It was known, in the villages traditions, that men in black usually represented the under-forces, striving to take hold of the land of the creek and the places beyond. It had once happened that those people had attacked villagers that went in the depths of the jungle.
His father had made a slight movement. The two men were running at him. “Run” Kolar’s father shouted and the boy was running for his life. At this point he was unsure of the fait of his father. All he knew was that the dark people had attacked them.
He stopped when he was in the vicinity of one of the villages outposts, a shack, built to keep animals outside. It was one of the villagers that greeted him, but Kolar had urged him to come, not explaining to him what had happened.
Kolar and the man went and followed he trails of the two men. They had advanced into the jungle, but at a certain point the trails stopped and a small message was written on the ground, probably by his father: “Kolar, you are the one, …came for you, the vexi – you.”
Kolar was wordless. He could not even perceive how his life had been changed. It was the beginning of a new existence for him, one that he could not even begin to perceive.