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City Below: Chapter 1 June 13, 2006

Posted by A - Your Story in City Below: The Secret.

City Below: the secret

Genre: Western/Adventure
Comments: Discover the old city underneath Denton. Find out what the miners were trying to hide. Follow Kin as she unravels a secret unknown before. A state wide criminal organization added to the twist, plus Kim falling in love. Output: City Below: The secret.

The story:
Kim was sitting at her table. She was looking at some footage that Sean had brought in. It wasn’t easy working at a newspaper, where the only employed people were: herself(the article writer), Sean(the photographer), Joe(the editor) and Emmy(the secretary, and the proofreader).
It was in fact pretty hard to work under such conditions, but what the… she was getting paid. Not much, not little. All she ever said about money was “Enough…”.
It was roulette night. Wow! She’d get to go to the Fraktion House again, and watch the ball rolling, again, and try to write down all the numbers, then miss some… again! Oh, that was fun!
But then again, what other news could there be in Denton? The “city”, which was actually a village (at least Kim considered it to be a village, and it was), had no exciting news, and the only reason why this newspaper existed was because Joe’s brother, a businessman from Florida kept it running, as a way of supporting his brother who had worked in the Media for a while, than was fired.
The city… village, was small indeed. There were twenty two houses, arranged in two rows near the road, so there were ten houses on each side of the road. The other two houses were on a hill. There was a school, and even a library, but the only school teacher was also the librarian. Nothing ever happened in Denton. It was as old as old could get.
The only reason why some folks still lived in this town situated in the middle of the prairie, was because of the fact that there was an old mine, where someone had found silver 50 years ago, but since the mine had crashed, no one had ever tried to reopen it. With a whopping population of forty five, nine kids included – Denton was the place to be.
Kim was 21. She’d finished college this year, but because she couldn’t find any job returned to her hometown. Yes, as unbelievable as it could be, Kim, the 21 year old goof looking, modern girl was a local. A local, stranded on this – “desert” island, literarily.
It was cool outside now. Ben and Jen ran the Fraktion House, an improvised bar with a roulette and some other games. They charged the folks money, but money was of no use in Denton, you couldn’t buy anything there. The only thing that they did have there was Ocana – the local “improvised” soft drink.
Kim was on her way to the House (as it was also known). Her mind was somewhere in the skies. She was thinking of her future, of what she’d do, if she had one, that is.
She’d walked a half mile in the direction of the House, which was at a one mile distance from her house. Apparently, that was the longest distance she’d have to walk, since the House was situated in a ditch, somewhere to the North of the village.
Kim was singing a tune, nothing better to do. All of a sudden she heard some moans coming from the grass field. She was alarmed: “Anyone there?” she called. But the moans continued. She ran in the direction of the noise. She couldn’t know where she was going because the grass had grown think, and long. She say a man’s coat. The man was tied up and could not speak. It was he who moaned.
“Mister, are you alright? Sir? Can you understand me?”
The man was not from around here, or she’d have known him.