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Alexiana – in search of the Future June 20, 2006

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Alexiana – in search of the Future

Genre: SF

Comments: Fight through with captain Joe Spark as he unravels the mysteries of the Universe while searching for Alexiana – the biggest spaceship ever built.

The story:

“Life is… a miracle,
Life is… a test,
Life is… unprotected…
Life is… rest. Life… Oh, oh, oh oooohh…”

“V, turn the music down, V…”
Terry was annoyed at all the music. All the noise! All the…
“VERONICA, can you hear me? I said: turn the music DOWN!”
Veronica quickly turned the volume key down.
“Oh, sorry, it was just too loud.” She explained.
“My point exactly!” replied Terry.

“Warning! Warning! Warning! Launch in… 5… 4… 3… 2… 1… 0. Rocket launched. “
All that Joe, Terry, Veronica and Andrei could think of was the success of the launch. In fact all they could think of was how to get the shipment on board the Yeben in time.
The Yeben was one of the larger ships that the Earth had. In fact, it was a ship with a mission of sorts. A pretty unimaginable mission, no less.
It had been build by the worlds’ most renown engineers for one purpose and one purpose only.
Joe was to be acting captain of the ship, until they would meet the rest of the crew. The crew would comprise of thirty people.
“Experiencing turbulence” said Veronica.
“V, turn the additional engines on.” Joe commanded.
“How many?” V asked.
“Turning on… Turned on”
The computer was by now calculating the trajectory.
“Five seconds to break off… … … You have now entered space.”
Music to everyone’s ears. Now, that they were safe, and that the cargo had not exploded, they could continue towards the Yeben to pursue the completion of their mission:
To find Alexiana, the only ship to exit the universe.