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Vector Warp Space v9 April 11, 2007

Posted by A - Your Story in Vector Warp Space.

Continuation by Zeronero:

The tunnels reeked with a mindblowing smell and overwhelming darkness as Simon lead Sarah, in a gloomy underworld, teeming with bugs, rodents and… corpses.
“You know, I could swear remembering that a long time ago, my Pa told me about this place… a shallow grave.” Sarah felt uneasy. “You mean a shelter and a graveyard?” Simon nodded at the girl’s realization. Simon knew that the rumors of the tunnels being an “early city” were actually true, even though most of the younger denizens of the city above denied such things. The occasional scratching noise made Sarah quite uncomfortable; she was lucky of not ending up as a street kid back in her world and hometown.



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