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Vector Warp Space v8 June 23, 2006

Posted by A - Your Story in Vector Warp Space.

Continuation by Alex:

Sarah was being taken to the operation room. The feelings that she had were difficult to describe. The fear, then the anger, then the fear, then the cold. Every little instinct told Sarah that this was the end, that she would never walk out of it.
As she was being transported through the big library, Sarah saw an officer on the hall. He ran after the accompanying doctor that was taking her to wherever she was supposed to go. The officer made a sign, and the doctor handed Sarah to him. Now she was being taken somewhere by the policeman, Sarah felt as if she was going in a different direction.
“Listen, if you don’t get out of here, you’re going to die. You have to leave.”
Sarah looked at the officer than asked: “But how…”
“Jeremy had a note in one of his pockets, we have to leave now.”
The officer took Sarah down a staircase and then they both headed towards a grey rectangle in the wall. Sarah wanted to say something, but as she opened her mouth, she was shoved directly into the rectangle and surprisingly, she found out that the grey was a lid, which had opened and Sarah found herself falling down a chute. In a couple of instants she was in a dark place, and something came tumbling after her. The officer had probably thrown it down after Sarah had fallen down. She took it in her hand, and immediately knew what it was, as it started to blink and then shone a consistent light. It was a purple light, and in her hands she had the disk. The disk that had gotten her into all of this mess. The disk that had made her experience things that no one else had. But what was it this time?
“Hey, come Mac. Mac you comin’?
“Hold on, what is it?”
“Lookie here, we’ve got ourselves one of ‘em SVTs.”
“A traveler?”
Then, as the man turned towards Sarah, he exclaimed:
“And where did you come from, missy?”
Sarah quickly replied: “From Earth, I come because I, well I…”
“Ah, so you’re lost” said the man.
“Yes, but where…” Sarah started to ask.
“In the underworld.” Replied the man. “It’s the place where all the rejects of the upperworld are. All people that they don’t like up ‘ere, they through down ‘ere. ‘Ey don’t ‘ave jails up there. This place, is like Alcatraz on Earth. I’m Simon Muller, expert in Earthology. I know things about your planet that not even you knew. So, let’s go, I know my way around these tunnels.”



1. zeronero - April 11, 2007


The tunnels reeked with a mindblowing smell and overwhelming darkness as Simon lead Sarah, in a gloomy underworld, teeming with bugs, rodents and… corpses.
“A long time ago, I remembered my Pa telling me about this place… a shallow grave.” Sarah felt uneasy. “You mean a shelter and a graveyard?” Simon nodded at the girl’s realization. Simon knew that the rumors of the tunnels being an “early city” were actually true, even though most of the younger denizens of the city above denied such things. The occasional scratching noise made Sarah quite uncomfortable; she was lucky of not ending up as a street kid back in her world and hometown.

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