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Vector Warp Space v6 June 22, 2006

Posted by A - Your Story in Vector Warp Space.

Continuation by Loki:
“The accomplishments to come for the future of Earth include engineered fire used to release oxygen and consume CO2, the planetary bridge which in theory is possible despite the drain of the Earth’s resources and the time needed and further advances for the Human Genome Project and the prevention of Transhumanism which will prevent the future human race from annihilating themselves due to extreme modifications.” It was apparent that Jeremy knew a lot about humanity’s future accomplishments despite having not been to Earth. Maybe these beings are stating that they could travel through time to see us in the future, if they wanted… That would be pretty scary, not to mention weird. The holographic displays were the only dim sources of light in the room, everything else was lit with candles.
“And how do you know all of this?” Sarah tried to check the time, but even the wristwatch ceased to work in this place. Or maybe time was nonexistent here.
“These are just possibilities, even though the first phase of the Human Genome Project is already underway on Earth.” Sarah turned around to notice that Jeremy bowed low to a figure in front of him, partially hidden in the darkness. The figure was taller and older than Jeremy, wearing robes of purple, the color associated with emperors and people of royalty. Sarah didn’t know what to do, she felt very, very awkward, just standing there motionless.
“Uh, really? I thought that maybe you guys could–”
“Forgive me, Your Worship. She isn’t from here and I thought maybe I could–” Jeremy now stood to face the leader, feeling very uncomfortable because of not teaching Sarah the customs of his world sooner.
“Teach her about our customs, yes. But you had another thing to address as well, yes?” The Leader very well about the situation of his citizens and anything else, including the rumors of an offworlder roaming in their midst, which to his surprise, proved to be true. The cold was making Sarah uncomfortable, it was penetrating through her jacket, which advertised to stop the cold from getting in. So much for even this jacket, what do they use to keep warm here? Can’t be robes or anything like that… Unfortunately the patient if slightly contemptuous man put her reverie to a halt.
“I see you have an artifact. You got it by accident on Earth, yes?” How can she get out of a situation getting more strained by the minute? She composed herself before the much respected Leader.
“Yes, I got it from Earth, something weird happening while I was walking down the street…” I don’t feel so good about this… Sarah thought to herself, she felt very dizzy in fact, before falling unconscious in front of the head of thousands of people, and a stranger-turned-guide.



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