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Vector Warp Space v3 June 15, 2006

Posted by A - Your Story in Vector Warp Space.

Continuation by Alex:
Sarah at first was startled. She closed her eyes hoping that it would all go away in a couple of seconds.
The immense thing that she had seen was now being shot at by some sort of police squad.
“Move out of the way, girl!” shouted one of the police women. Strangely enough there were mostly women on this police squad.
“I…” Sarah didn’t get to finish her phrase when she was grabbed by the woman who had told her to move and placed in a car. the car was peculiar. The doors that it had were equipped with some sort of lights. And when the lights were on – the doors were locked. When the lights were off, only the police responsibles could enter.
Sarah was looking at the officers confronting the strange creature. The tall thing now actually looked much clearer. it seemed to be a tree, but different…
It now seemed to her as if this were a tree, a moving one. that was a pretty strange thing to comprehend for Sarah.
The police lady quickly came inside the car. the tree was doing something strange. it seemed to be moving from one place to the other. it now seemed like a chant.
“Were movin’ outta’ here! Now!” the woman yelled.
“Hold tight girl!” she said to Sarah.
The car started going at about 100 miles per hour. the speed was making Sarah feel confused. Then it stopped. Fortunately, Sarah was stopped from being knocking herself by the pillows from the car.
“Now get out! It’s safe here.” she heard the words of the police woman.
“Where am I?” asked Sarah, feeling sick from the recent speedy experience.
“Girl, have you fallen from the Moon?”
“Maam…” started Sarah in an effort to convince the police lady that she was not… local.
The woman waived some sort of device at her.
“Hold on a second” started the woman, then was quiet for a couple of moments, afterwards saying:
“Officer Jenkins, from Partol Squad 4, Everland City, New Faunshire, Great Treetain.”
“What?” Sarah asked, confused.
“You’re not from around here, you’re an SVT.” explained the officer.
“A what?” Sarah looked even more lost now.
“A Space Vector Traveller” repeated the woman.
“Let’s go” said the woman after an instant.
“Where, I…”
Now Sarah was walking after the lady. The woman went very quickly and Sarah was barely catching up. She entered a building and Sarah came after.
Inside, there were two more people – a man, and a woman.
“Jerry, explain to this SVT where she is”
The man stood up.
“Hello, I’m Jeremy. You, missy, are in Milky Way #74, and the name of the planet is Haylie.” the man wasn’t done yet but Sarah interrupted.
“As in, the Halley comet?”
“Oh, the Halley – that’s our space recognition module.” said Jerry.
“So, you’ve known of the Earth?” Sarah was astonished.
“The Earth, oh, for ages. We just don’t get involved because your Sun’s radiation is pretty much lethal to us.”
“And those tree things that were about to attack me?”
“Oh, those were evolved plants, they can move now, sweetie.”
Sarah felt very uncomfortable. What had she gotten herself into this time?



1. Loki - June 17, 2006

My continuation:

“Are you alright, missy? What’s your name, by the way?” This Jeremy looked trustworthy enough to Sarah who thought about relying on him for the time being to learn about the world she stumbled in, lest she embarrass herself in public. Sarah was still a little shaken from the moving trees incident that happened earlier.
“Y-yeah, I’m fine. My name is Sarah.” She could feel the eyes of the wandering locals on her back as Jeremy led her to a more busy part of the environment with many gleaming towers of colored crystal, glass and metal–the entity known as the city.
“As you know by now, my name is Jeremy and we are going to the city before doing anything else here.” Sarah’s eyes lit up and fell at once at though of going in the beautiful and sprawling metropolis with it’s floating welcoming signs and omnipresent holographic adverts of foreign products she haven’t heard of.
“But we don’t have any money to start wi–” Jeremy winked at her and produced a bag that jingled its contents and opened it to show her.
“Who’d thought that we would be walking penniless?” Jeremy hooted with laughter at her sadness, making her feel for once in her life, happy. “and anyway, anything you have as coinage can be converted at the Ofeirryan City Center despite being a little… obsolete. The sight of the towers and monuments they walked under in the daylight made Sarah dizzy, but amazed at how they made the building without destroying the surrounding environment.
“First we’re going to convert the cash you have into our currency, then we’re going to the Great Library and then we’ll go shopping. Better start blending in earlier than later, I’d say. How did you get here anyway?” Jeremy’s optimism and cheeriness went non-stop. Sarah was stung at the reminder of her Earth at this time of the day, making Jeremy a little alarmed.
“Oh, I’m so sorry! Forgive my rudeness. I shouldn’t have asked it so suddenly since your still recovering from the foreignness of the moving trees and everything…” Jeremy let his gentle and welcoming voice trail off, allowing Sarah to gather herself and thoughts, take a deep breath and begin with an explaination.
“No… It’s alright. I came from Earth by using this disky-gadgety thing and I didn’t know what I was doing.” The smell of the foods cooking in the street by different vendors made her stomach grumble. Everybody else thought they were playing the role of the perfect young couple as they walked, even though they weren’t holding hands at all. A big building was looming ahead of them, blanketing everything in shadow; the building itself had spindly and spiny towers and turrets. the tall and pointy spike at the center of the group of three buildings as one held a spinning, sparkly thing with something that looked like a pair of cupped, silver hands.
“A disk, you say? We can do the currency and library now at one disjointed go, it’ll be better to save the best for last, anyway.” The building, Sarah realized, was placed at the center of the city itself, like a Seventh Wonder of the World. She walked in silence as Jeremy escourted her to the library, the heavy doors bidding them welcome to the shadows and knowledge within.

P.S: you’re welcome to check for errors and fix it like you did my last one 🙂

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