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City Below: Chapter 1 June 13, 2006

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City Below: the secret

Genre: Western/Adventure
Comments: Discover the old city underneath Denton. Find out what the miners were trying to hide. Follow Kin as she unravels a secret unknown before. A state wide criminal organization added to the twist, plus Kim falling in love. Output: City Below: The secret.

The story:
Kim was sitting at her table. She was looking at some footage that Sean had brought in. It wasn’t easy working at a newspaper, where the only employed people were: herself(the article writer), Sean(the photographer), Joe(the editor) and Emmy(the secretary, and the proofreader).
It was in fact pretty hard to work under such conditions, but what the… she was getting paid. Not much, not little. All she ever said about money was “Enough…”.
It was roulette night. Wow! She’d get to go to the Fraktion House again, and watch the ball rolling, again, and try to write down all the numbers, then miss some… again! Oh, that was fun!
But then again, what other news could there be in Denton? The “city”, which was actually a village (at least Kim considered it to be a village, and it was), had no exciting news, and the only reason why this newspaper existed was because Joe’s brother, a businessman from Florida kept it running, as a way of supporting his brother who had worked in the Media for a while, than was fired.
The city… village, was small indeed. There were twenty two houses, arranged in two rows near the road, so there were ten houses on each side of the road. The other two houses were on a hill. There was a school, and even a library, but the only school teacher was also the librarian. Nothing ever happened in Denton. It was as old as old could get.
The only reason why some folks still lived in this town situated in the middle of the prairie, was because of the fact that there was an old mine, where someone had found silver 50 years ago, but since the mine had crashed, no one had ever tried to reopen it. With a whopping population of forty five, nine kids included – Denton was the place to be.
Kim was 21. She’d finished college this year, but because she couldn’t find any job returned to her hometown. Yes, as unbelievable as it could be, Kim, the 21 year old goof looking, modern girl was a local. A local, stranded on this – “desert” island, literarily.
It was cool outside now. Ben and Jen ran the Fraktion House, an improvised bar with a roulette and some other games. They charged the folks money, but money was of no use in Denton, you couldn’t buy anything there. The only thing that they did have there was Ocana – the local “improvised” soft drink.
Kim was on her way to the House (as it was also known). Her mind was somewhere in the skies. She was thinking of her future, of what she’d do, if she had one, that is.
She’d walked a half mile in the direction of the House, which was at a one mile distance from her house. Apparently, that was the longest distance she’d have to walk, since the House was situated in a ditch, somewhere to the North of the village.
Kim was singing a tune, nothing better to do. All of a sudden she heard some moans coming from the grass field. She was alarmed: “Anyone there?” she called. But the moans continued. She ran in the direction of the noise. She couldn’t know where she was going because the grass had grown think, and long. She say a man’s coat. The man was tied up and could not speak. It was he who moaned.
“Mister, are you alright? Sir? Can you understand me?”
The man was not from around here, or she’d have known him.



1. nightstorm41 - December 8, 2006

Kim wondered as she approached him, what in the world? As she said to herself, “What is this guy doing out here all tied up?”
Just then, as she approached closer…the man began shaking his head frantically and moaning louder as his eyes got huge! She stood and paused, saying, “What is WRONG with this guy!” but he kept nodded no back and forth as she came closer. He was now practically turning beat red in the face!
Kim was almost right upon him as she looked around, wondering if there was something or someone around her that this man was so concerned about. She saw nothing unusual as she moved to pull his coat back to untie the man. He was now screaming within himself, with lips covered over with duct tape.
Kim said, “Shhhh! I’m trying to help you! What is wrong with you Mr!”
His mouth had been wrapped multiple times with duct tape so Kim figured it would be first easier to just untied his the ropes from around his body and arms and legs first, then undo the tape from his mouth. But as she turned him, and the man still frantically shaking his head no! no! no! to her…Kim saw it…her heart almost stopped right then, right there. As she then heard the ticking and saw the digital numbers start. He sighed to Kim deeply as she realized that she just moved him off a button that started the countdown to a bomb!
She began to shake as she suddenly fell back onto her butt…”Oh MY GOD! OH MY GOD! OHHHH MY GOD!” She yelled. “WHO ARE YOU! What IS THAT!” she yelled with her hands shaking.
As the man’s eyes were moving back and forth as if he was thinking…you IDIOT! my mouth is covered…HOW CAN I TELL YOU! But she never heard his thoughts. She didn’t know what to do!
The time on the digital countdown read 48:00:00 when it started counting down. Second after second after second as Kim’s eyes widened watching them. Not understanding this!
Kim grabbed her purse and frantically looked for something to cut the duct tape off the man’s face. She found something! It was a pair of small sizzors as she cut, trying not to cut his face. As she did…he yelled! “WHY DIDN’T YOU STOP! I TRIED TO WARN YOU! I TRIED! I TRIED! WHY DIDN’T YOU STOP! MY GOD! ARE YOU STUPID OR WHAT? DID YOU NOT SEE I WAS SHAKING MY HEAD NO BACK AND FORTH BACK AND FORTH! NOT TO COME CLOSE TO ME!?”
Kim began to tear up as her shaky hands went to her face….”I’m SO SORRY! What Is THAT!” as she pointed to the bomb ticking.
She then saw a tear going down his own face as he shook his head and looked down and began sobbing. He really began sobbing.
Kim had tears too as she put her hands on him. He suddenly turned and yelled…”DON’T TOUCH ME! YOU’VE STARTED IT NOW! It’s it’s….it’s TOOOOOO Late!”
She asked him again hesitantly as she moved back and pulling her knees into her chest as she wrapped her arms around her legs. Tears streaming down her face. “PLEASE! Tell me! What IS IT!”
Kim asked..”But WHO!”
The man replied quickly, breathing hard…feeling his own heart now pounding…”There is only ONE MAN who knows where it is and HOW to deactive it! And HE’S in EL PASO!…a a…an elbino guy! blonde hair, reddish eyes and he’s got one arm! He…he wears a long dark coat. His..his name…his name is Yori Vanshinsokov”
Kim asked…”Wha..why? WHY would someone DO THIS!?”
The man shook his head…saying, raising his voice to her, “You…you WOULDN’T UNDERSTAND IT ALL! IT’S IT’S…COMPLICATED! IT INVOLVES A LOT OF MONEY!!! LOTS OF MONEY!!”
Kim asked…”how MUCH?”
He said to her…”Don’t you think we need to get this bomb deactivated!! Who CARES HOW MUCH!”…as he paused. Ok…”TWENTY BILLION…OK!”
Kim’s eyes widened…as she covered her mouth…”Ohhh my God! TWENTY BILLION!”

2. A - Your Story (Admin) - December 13, 2006

Kim found herself quickly running after the man.
“Wait! Who are you? I mean…” she tried.
“You can call me Rodge. And don’t bother asking anything else.”
“Where are we…” Kim started, but was severely interrupted by the man
“I told you.”
As Kim followed behind she thought of the House, and hen said:
“But I have to be somewhere… I…” and was again interrupted by the man.
“You don’t have to be anywhere!.”
He stopped. Turned to her, pulling a gun. “I don’t need to tell you this, but in case you haven’t noticed, I’m not your regular passer by, and in case you haven’t heard, or understood, there might not be a place to go to in 48 hours, at least not in this state. now I suggest you quit your yapping and follow me, and quietly, please!”
“Like someone’s gonna hear us in the middle of nowhere” she retorted.
As the kept walking they reached the old hill where she’d used to play with Ricky. Memories she’d long not thought about. At the time she was six, Ricky was seven, and they amazingly fell in love. It was a one summer thing, cause next thing she knew, he and his family had left, and she’d never been in love since. Odd thing she’d thought about that in the middle of being taken as a hostage, but the human brain has its mysterious ways. Just as she was going to open her mouth to ask the stranger where they were going, she found a metal door in the ground. “Hold on, this wasn’t here before” she thought.

3. nightstorm41 - December 13, 2006

The man forced her into the door in the ground while holding the gun on her. He said, “I’m going to hate to have to do this, but I have no choice.”
Kim turned around as she looked at him…wondering, “What, do what?
What are you going to hate to have to do?”
She was worried now. Worried that he might actually shoot her but that wouldn’t make sense, not with what happened previously and him telling her of the elbino man with the coat and one arm and pink eyes.
He said to Kim, “Turn around and face the other way, and don’t move.”
Kim did as she was told hesitantly as she turned and she said, “Please, just don’t hurt me.”
He said to her, don’t worry, I’m not going to hurt you. Just cooperate and everything will run smoothly. He then reached for the wall were there was some cord. He tied her hands behind her back as she asked, “Why..why are you tying me up! I can help you!”
He then put his hand to her mouth from behind as he moved his head next to hers and whispered to her ear…”Shhhhh, quiet. I said I wasn’t going to hurt you…long as you cooperate.”
She quieted down as she nodded ok with his hand to her mouth. He continued to tie the cord to her wrists as she felt his body near hers from behind. He then looked over at a table that had tools and boxes on it as he put the gun in the back of his pants. He told her, “Stay put, don’t you move.”
He then looked through boxes as he found some duct tape and tore a strip off, tearing it with his teeth. He placed it over her mouth as he could hear now, her breathing through her nose as her eyes darted left to right wondering what was going on. He then took more cord and tied her ankles as he felt his shoulder brush against her leg. He tied it off and stood up and he walked in front of Kim. She stood there now…with her hands behind her back, tape over her mouth and her ankles tied as he said to her in a quite tone of voice. “See, that wasn’t so hard right?” as he could see she was breathing harder and more afraid. Her white sweater pulling tightly across her chest from her arms tied behind her back.
She nodded no looking to him. He then looked back to the table were he saw some cloth and tore a strip as he wrapped her eyes and tied it behind her head.
Kim didn’t know what was going on but she knew now that she was very vulnerable and began to wonder why she was trusting him! After all, she just met this man and he had a gun but she realized she had no choice to trust him.
The man reached around her and picked her up and put her over his shoulder as he turned and walked with her. More sounds of breath came out from her as he carried her. Then a slight moan as he carried her through a passage way. Kim wondered where he was taking her and just WHY he had to bind her up like this! This was cazy and getting crazier by the minute. Kim didn’t understand WHAT was going on. She just felt his arm around her thighs as he easily carried her. He said again, “You have nothing to worry about. Just keep calm.”
All she could do now was listen to his steps as he walked with her over his shoulder, her bound up like a hostage and oddly, all she could think about was what he said earilier about the elbino man and wondering what he had to do with this. Then she wondered about what he said would happen in 48 hours which now, was 47 and 1/2 hours. She wondered what was next. Her mind swarming with concern of the future and when time would run out.

4. A - Your Story (Admin) - December 15, 2006

Kim could now only think of why she’d come there, why she’d tried to help. Why and also where. She couldn’t help but feel like she was moving, and fast. But where would this strange guy get a car in the middle of nowhere. Since there hadn’t been any cars when they entered the place, there wouldn’t be any chance of one appearing. Yes she felt a breeze. Strangely enough she now started with her recollections again. She remembered how she’d been happy before, especially that time, when she was six. She could remember every little thing that happened.
Kim suddenly felt a bump and again. Either the man was throwing her up and down, or they were on a really bumpy road. Kim was immediately thrown forward and then stopped in a big crash. It felt like she’d hit her head on a brick wall.
Lost, scared, Kim was on the verge of crying, when she felt the knots being untied, the sticky tape had been removed and now she could see. What she saw resembled the interior of a shed. No sunlight could be seen, only a few reflectors on the roof that was about ten feet high.
Kim saw the man approaching her and then dialing something on his phone. The phone kept making a sizzling sound, and then started buzzing. What seemed to be a bright flash of light appeared as a door opened. Interestingly, Kim hadn’t noticed there were any doors. All except for a gate, leading to somewhere dark. She was dragged by the man towards the light.
“Go in, I’ll be with you in a couple of seconds.”
Kim now obeyed. Not wishing to be tied up again, she quickly moved towards the light and entered the room.
In front of her. She saw a panel of light. That explained the abundance of light that blinded her. As Kim turned, she saw a desk and a couple of chairs at the end of a narrow corridor to the left.
Not having anywhere else to go she started waling towards the desk. As she came closer, she noticed a monitor hanging on a wall. There was nothing else, except for what seemed to be a little button on the desk. Kim sat on one of the chairs. Behind her the man came walking hurriedly. As Kim looked up he started to speak.

5. nightstorm41 - December 16, 2006

He stated, “Know what that is?” as he took off his jacket and hung it up on a peg on the wall.
Kim responded, looking back to it, then to him again…”Well, it’s a monitor of some type.” But she was more puzzled as to why he brought her here as she asked, “Why did you bring me here?”
The man ignored her as he walked to the desk and stood behind her and then reached for the button and pressed it. He said, “Just sit back and watch.”
She looked over her shoulder hesitantly and then to the monitor as she sighed with him not answering her question. She then felt the numbing feeling of her lips from where the tape had been as she whiped her mouth and could still taste the glue from the duct tape on her lips.
The man backed up as he spoke quietly…”You’re going to be amazed at this. Don’t talk, just watch. Cooperate because if you do, you will see what this is all about.”
The man then said, “I’ll be back, you can’t go anywhere…I’ve closed all doors and they are locked. But I want you to know…you’re not so much a prisoner. You just need to see this. ok?”
She replied..”Ok, but I’m thirsty.”
He said…”Hmm, here…here’s a bottle of unopened spring water. It’s not that old and is still ok to drink. Need something to eat?”
She opened it as she took it from him without a word…”Yes, a bit.” she replied quietly.
He paused and then said to Kim, “Ok, I’ll get you something. This might take some time.”
“Thank you,” she said. Then she asked…”Are you leaving?”
He answered while going through some boxes…”Yes, for a bit…but I’ll be near by. I’m not going far. Need anything, call me. And like I said, I hope you’re prepare for this. It is something like you’ve never seen before.”
The monitor had been paused until the man clicked a little remote he had. But it didn’t look like any ordinary remote control device. It was like a small key chain car alarm type.
Kim whiped a long strand of hair back from her face and behind her ear as her sweater had stretched and now her sleeves were down, covering most of her hand, revealing her fingertips. She sat quietly and watched the monitor as her mouth suddenly opened and her eyes opened wide as if she just saw a ghost. What she saw shocked her beyond her wildest imagination! It wasn’t bloody, it wasn’t gore, it wasn’t anything of sexual nature…but what she saw shocked her beyond believe!
She covered her mouth with her hands as she whispered to herself…”Ohhhh myyyyy GOD…” Her heart raced and her blood flowed so fast, she could feel her own pulse pounding in her neck from the sudden rush of adrenaline that just shot through her. She stood up…her hands still to her mouth in shock…again, she said the same thing, only this time…louder. “Ohhhh my GOD!”
She shook her arms as she turned one way, then another as she bobbed up and down and didn’t know what to do!…She looked for the man to call him back. But he was gone. Kim suddenly leaned forward on the desk as she looked at the monitor closer…she watched intensely as it played. She then smiled and bit her bottom lip she whispered again…”No way. No way. I can’t believe this…”
Emotions were filling her from head to toe as she couldn’t take her eyes off what was showing on this monitor. She reached again for the chair, her eyes still on the screen. She almost fell sitting back down again to watch it as the chair tipped slightly with her sitting again.
The man came back in the door as he brought Kim some food. He sat it down on the table as she turned to look up to him. Her face still in shock. Her eyes now not leaving him as he grinned. He put the food closer to her.
“There you go, it’s not the best, but it will do I think. It’s soup and bread. But it’s warm and good.” as he put his hands in his pockets and looked at Kim, asking…”So, tell me what you saw. And what do you think?”
She now was sitting back in the chair, not even paying attention to the food but with her hands to her face, her whole face.
He removed her hands and held them…”WHAT did you see? And what do you think?” he asked with now no emotion to his face at all. Just the questions.
Kim slowly took a long, deep breath before she answered…biting her bottom lip again. Thinking…about how to respond.

6. A - Your Story (Admin) - December 16, 2006

Before Kim could start to answer, it suddenly struck her that it was he who had pressed the play button. It was he who made her watch the sequence, so why did he ask HER what she saw? T this moment she’d forgotten about everything else. She now started enquiring.
“Why ask me when you obviously saw it? You know what’s on there, so why ask me?”
At this point he yelled “Would you tell me already?”
Kim looked lost, and frightened. He seemed to be calming down.
“Look, Kim, I need to know, can you trust me on this one? Please…” he said, with an almost kind tone.
“Well… I… Alright… I saw this plant or whatever it was… I think it was called Future… erm… Tron… or erm… Trek… or something.”
“Futuron” the man interrupted.
“Yeah, that’s it!… And then I saw this strange warpy thing, that kept spinning around and out of it came these really tough looking soldiers and they had some sort of green vile and they placed it in a sort of machine and it started getting yellow. And by the time it was yellow, the screen got dark. Then I saw the Earth from above and this read spot on top of a whole state.” Kim looked worried. “Do you know what that’s all about?”
The man looked at her then asked “Are you sure that’s it?”
“Well”, Kim started, “the was this old guy and he kept looking at his watch, and during the film, he kept appearing, and I, well… he had a piece of paper, and there were some numbers on it, but I don’t know what they were.”
“Hmmm… a piece of paper and numbers… Are you sure you can’t remember” the man looked at her closely.
“I’m sorry, I…” as Kim started to speak the man dragged her, and they were both heading down the corridor they cam through.
“It’s not safe here anymore, we have to leave now!” the man spoke abruptly.
“Where…” Kim didn’t even bother.
As they were walking back, Kim started hearing some noises. As they reached the light panel, the man started running, dragging her. As they approached the black gate that Kim had before seen, the hole was broken in the wall of the shed, and what seemed like a brown figure started approaching at quick speed. The man took what looked like a very powerful flashlight and waved it towards the figure. It made a squeaking noise and retreated. The man took out his miniature remote control and pressed it a number of times. Suddenly Kim saw the warp reappearing. The spinning blue lines that she had viewed on the monitor were right in front of her. As she was about to open her mouth a small platform materialized near her feet. The man got onto it and so did Kim. In an instant, more black figures appeared. The only thing that seemed to slow them down was the light coming from the panel Kim had been blinded by before. What seemed to Kim like the noise of an airplane engine started roaring and she felt a cold chill. The shed was no more, nor was anything else. It felt like she was falling it all when black.
Kim opened her eyes. She was now in the field, next to the hill she’d seen for so many times. She thought she’d woken up from a strange dream. A warp? A bomb? A strange man kidnapping her? She’d seen to many fantasy movies.
As she turned her head back, she saw the man sitting there.
“I was waiting for you to come to… Let’s go!”

7. nightstorm41 - December 24, 2006

As Kim looked dazed as the man looked at her, suddenly realizing her beauty. She had dark, shoulder length hair with a petite build and yet…athletic looking legs. He noticed her delicate hands that were well manicured with long nails and her supple lips. Her lashes long and dark as he looked her over…waiting for her to respond. Kim however had her hands to both sides of her head, to her ears. He asked her, “What’s wrong, let’s go.”
Kim hesitantly replied, “I…I hear a ringing in my ears. WHAT is THAT?”
He said looking around, “Don’t worry, it’s normal. It happens every time and is nothing. But now I’ve showed you here what is going on. We’ve discovered a new technology and it’s worth billions to those who have it and can use it.”
She looked up, still slightly hearing the ringing in her ears. “But what happened?” she asked, rubbing her ears.
He grabbed her hand standing up…”There’s little time for this chit chat, we REALLY must be going.”
She pulled back as she stood there, “Wait, I’m not leaving without my twin sister!”
He said with a frown on his face suddenly hearing this…”You’re WHAT?”
She said again with now hands on her hips. “I SAID, I’m NOT leaving without my TWIN SISTER LISA!”
He sighed deeply. “Ohhhh great. just great, now we have to pull another one into this mess? Don’t you realize the danger you already are in here and now you wish to get your sister into this?”
She said with an odd look to him, then folding her arms, “YES, we have to pull another one into this mess, I’m not leaving without LISA!”
He turned, paced and looking down…thinking…suddenly turning as he pointed…”Ok, but here’s the conditions of this if I let you get your twin to bring her into this…she doesn’t know about what I just showed you. Not until I’m ready to tell her myself and IF I decide to tell her…understood?”
She looks down then back up, “Ok…yes sir, understood. I promise!”
He said, “Fine, let’s go then, we really must hurry.”
Kim smiled big, “Thaaaaank YOU. She means a LOT to me.”
“C’mon! Where does she live?” he asked with a grumpy tone of voice.
Kim pointed, “Just over there,” as they both began running.
While running, the man looked to his watch and glanced to Kim, unable to help notice just how fast she was. Kim was in her mid twenties and seemed to run gracefully compared to him. He yelled out, “WAIT UP!”
She slowed, turning as she waived, “C’mon! it’s this way!”
They reached the house of Kim’s twin sister Lisa as Kim knocked hard and fast. “Lisa! Lisa! Open the door! It’s KIM!”
After a moment the door opened and Kim’s twin sister answered as she rushed out with a hug…”KIM! WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN!”
The man rolled his eyes as he stood back andturned, looking around and then looked to his watch again as he coughed…”Uhem!”
Kim looked to him as she noticed him pointing to his watch and his eyes opening big.
“Oh! Hey Lisa…pack a bag, you’re coming with me! Uh, I mean US!”
Lisa stepped back suddenly with a puzzled looked, “HUH? What do mean, I’m coming with you, where? And who is this man?” she asked.
Kim looked to him…then back to Lisa,”He’s uh…he’s a good friend!” as she grabbed her twin sisters hand and pulled her into the house to pack a bag. “We really must hurry, we haven’t much time…but there is something very big and very important going on and I…well, I just didn’t want to leave you out of it.”
Lisa was as beautiful as Kim only blonde, having dyed her hair and it was long, down her back but wet since she had just gotten out of the shower.
The man stepped inside the open doorway as he looked around with slowly closing the door behind him. Moments passed by as he paced downstairs, looking around the house.
Just then a hole shot through the doorway as a laser beam shot through the whole door, blowing a hole the size of an orange into it. The man dove and slid into a table as a vase fell and smashed with dirt thrown onto the wood floor with flowers. Bits of wood chips flew across the floor as he looked up and saw a blackness around the hole in the door.
“Jesus!” He reached for where he thought his weapon was to his shoulder holster but there was no weapon. “Ohhh GOD! I can’t believe THIS! Not again!” he said aloud to himself. Another blast then blew through the windows as pieced of glass flew and curtains blew back as the man tightened his eyes from a high pitch sound. He heard screams up stairs and feet running down as Kim and Lisa came running and yelling, “WHAT WAS THAT!”
He shouted! “GET DOWN! GET DOWN!” As another laser blast shot through the door and blew the entire door off the hinged as the door went flying. Laser lights were panning the room as Kim grabbed Lisa and they dove to the floor, crawling across to the kitchen!
The man with Kim suddenly crawled over to them breathing hard. “It’s them! They’ve found ME!”
Lisa looked scared as Kim looked scared and puzzled, “Who IS THEM!” as this time another laser blast shot through Lisa’s house and a picture was blown to bits as glass went flying. Then a burnt hole right where her parent’s picture had been. The picture smashed to floor with a clean burn hole right through it.
Lisa screamed out, holding her face…”AHHH! Oh my GOD! oh my GOD! What is going on here!”
Lisa still had on her robe from getting out of the shower as Kim had an empty bag with only a black blow dryer in the bag. That’s all they had time to pack before the shots were fired.
The man looked around…sweat now forming on his forehead, pointing…”OVER THERE! OUT THE BACK! LET’S GO!”
Lisa whispered loudly…”But..my clothes!”
He replied…pointing…”GO! THAT WAY I SAID! THERE’S NO TIME!”
They crawled on all fours as men outside in army suits with black goggles on and some with masks moved towards the home and began to surround it. The three inside made it to the back door as Lisa’s hands were shaking and cut from shards of glass. She was crying, panicked, trying to get the door open. She whispered…”I GOT IT!”
Her voice shaky as Kim now felt terrible about getting her sister involved in this but the man had seemed hesitant about doing so and now Kim knew why.
The three ran down the back yard and into a concrete water way that was dried up as they slid and turned, laying on their stomachs watching these men surround the house and blasting it to bits with these blue laser beams. “Ohhhh my GOD…MY HOUSE!”
The man quickly wrapped his hand around Lisa’s mouth…whispering…”Shhhh! We can’t be seen! Be quite! Now let’s GO!”
Lisa looked to her sister as she said with sad eyes…”What have you gotten us into KIM!”
Kim nodded, watching her sister panicked and not knowing what to say to her as she grabbed her shaking hand and pulled her suddenly, “We must go! I’ll explain it later!”
The man now in front, looking around, hesitant, not sure which direction to go. Lisa pulled her robe tightly and held it together as she ran with her other arm being pulled hard by her sister Kim.
Lisa suddenly stopped, her hands to her face. “OH MY GOD!”
The other two turning…”WHAT!?”
“My CAT!” Lisa teared up whispering loudly, tears down her face.
Kim pulled her, “C’mon! It’s too late! We’ve got to find you some clothes! Let’s go to my place! We’ll be safe there.”
He turned, “NO! we can’t go there…they’ll find us there too!”
Kim looked to him…”We must get her some clothes! Look at her. She’s got only a robe for God’s sakes!”
He walked quickly up to Kim’s face and whispering…”Do you think I really care right now? We have guys in masks with friggen LASERS shooting at us and YOU are worried about your sister running around in a ROBE! I say, they will find US! Now let’s GO!”
Kim sighed as she looked to her sister…”We have to listen to him, he can protect us. I’m so sorry Lisa, I didn’t mean to get you into this. I mean…I just…”
The man grabbed them both…”You two YAK too much! pulling Kim as they ran down a large sewage tunnel and to another opening. The sound of water spashing from their steps running echoed the tunnel as they stopped. He breathed hard…”I should work out more often, this is getting to me at my age.” As the man then took a breath out of a athma respirator, trying to breath.
Kim looked suddenly behind them as she heard boot steps and voiced. Then the three of them heard faintly…”There they ARE! Get THEM!”
Just as they began to run again from the men, Kim fell as her leg got caught between a metal bar and a rock. She looked up to the man and her sister ahead of her panicked. Reaching out with one hand as she looked back over her shoulder. “Help ME!” she yelled.
The man stopped and saw the men coming as laser lights were dancing around the inside of the dark tunnel, the men looked tiny but were moving fast!
The man pulled her ankled as it bled through her sock and her sister Lisa pulled her arm and wrist. But just then…as if in slow motion…Lisa fell, as a high pitch sound echoed the tunnel behind them. Kim saw tunnel vision of her sister was falling with a hole through her body. Kim yelled out…”NOOOOOOOOOOOO! LISAAAAAA!!!!!” her voice echoing in her own mind with her words, her sister’s limp body fell in slow motion to the ground as the life was taken out of her with the laser shot. Kim trying desperately to grab at her sister as the man pulled her hard, “NO! She’s GONE! Let’s GO!”
Kim sobbed uncontrollably as she run, looking back at her sister laying in the ditch with but with no blood. Just a hole through her body as she lay lifeless. The laser had stopped and burnt any blood flow. Her eyes flickered as the splashes of steps sent muddy water across her beautiful face. And Lisa laid dead.
Another one walked up to her behind the group of men as he stopped and looked down and saying…”You made the wrong choice pretty one. As he nudged her with his black boot and she didn’t budge. A bracelett was in her hand. He reached down and ripped it out of her hand, looking at it. It said Kim’s full name and hers and read… together forever sisters with hearts. He took it from her lifeless hand as it clistened in the light of the sun. Then walked away.
Lisa had pulled it from Kim’s wrist, trying to pull her sister free to save her and in the effort, got herself shot.
The man with the bracelett walked behind his men as if he had all day and was in no rush. Just then the blue warp like in the room appeared as all the men entered through it and they vanished. Kim and the man turned as they stopped, breathing hard as Kim’s eyes opened big, watching each of them disappear. She whispered, “Lisaaaa,” not caring what she just saw, only thinking about her sister. The man walking back up to her from behind her as she knelt, sobbing. He placed a hand to her shoulder as he whispered…”I’m sorry. I didn’t want this to happen. I should have warned you what was coming. It’s my…it’s my fault…all this.”


8. A - Your Story - January 2, 2007

Kelly Meyers was sitting in her car, waiting for something to happen. Ever since she’d joined this gig. It was find or bust. Yeah, sure, she’d get more than the rest, but only if she’d have something. Well, she hadn’t gotten anything yet. Switching on the video, carefully hidden, she started listening. As she was about to hear the ingredients to be added to a Gourmet Pie her cell phone started ringing. She turned down the volume. As she pressed the “Speak” button she swiftly said “Kelly Meyers, CNN news.”
“Hello” said a rough manly voice, “I have something to report. I called CNN and they said you were closest and redirected me. Could you…”
“And what is this about” asked Kelly with a calm voice, although the excitement was boiling inside of her, this was the first lead she’d had in weeks, two months actually.
“I have footage. It’s a about a state-wide cata-ca-lism, I mean cataclysm.” Said the man.
“What a state-wide…? And you say you have” Kelly was interrupted.
“Yes, I say I have tape” said the man, “but you must come quick.
Kelly was right on it, asking the man the exact address. As soon as she had that, she called her cameraman and was driving at full speed.
Kim was awakening. She felt like she’d been hit on the head with a bat. As she looked up, she saw the sky. It was blue, totally blue. The blue you’d see out in the desert. She knew she was home, or at least close to home. She’d been almost sure that there had been army men shooting lasers and that she’d found some sort of warpy thing and that… her sister…
As Kim stood up and turned around she was startled to see the man she’d been with all along. Then it couldn’t have been a dream. She decided to call him by his name.
“Rodge, can you…”
“Ahh, you’ve woken up… it was about time. You’ve been out for ten minutes now.” he said, “time to get moving”.
“Stop!” Kim yelled, “what just happened?” she said in a demanding tone.
“Well, we were in the grottos, the only safeplace around here, and I gave you a mild tranquilizer after you’d seen the footage. It could account for the mild hallucinations that you had. You were screaming.”
The man stopped and seemed to be preoccupied by something. It looked as if he were trying really hard to come up with an explanation and finally he looked at Kim and said in a grave tone.
“Kim, what I’m about to tell you is of the utmost importance, so listen carefully, we really don’t have time for games.” As he told her that Kim nodded. “I just now told you I gave you a tranq to calm you down, well I didn’t. I gave it to you just cause we’re running out of time. Normally you would have slept on it to get a clearer image, but we don’t have time. What you saw on the screen was a code, designed by professor Gerald Crug. It was designed to protect the whereabouts of one of his inventions. You have seen it. You are one of the four people on this Planet that hold the key to finding his secrets. The bomb that I told you about – it’s not a bomb, it’s one of his machines. Maybe the last one that he made. It was found in his workshop in New York. It is worse than a weapon of mass destruction. It will send out micro vibrations that will cause water to forcefully evaporate, thus creating eternal storms. Never-ending ones, because, as the water would hit the ground, it would immediately be returned up. As soon as one would interfere with the natural structure of the rain drop, or as soon as it would hit the ground, thus modifying its initial structure, it would evaporate. This machine is apocalypse itself and we have to stop it.
Kim looked more puzzled than ever. She was chosen. She held the secret to something. She was the one. And furthermore, she knew professor Gerald, her pre-kindergarten teacher. He’d come by about once or twice per month and teach the children from a couple of parts of the country science. But she thought he was a simple old man who’d simply come there because… then again she never knew why he picked that exact same village. Kim couldn’t wait and asked:
“Rodge, so the men with the lasers…”
“What lasers?” he asked abruptly.
“And my sister?” she continued.
“Your what…” Rodge looked lost.
“Thank goodness.” Kim explained.
“You must tell me what you saw exactly, it might actually happen. Although the tranquilizer must have exaggerated some aspects of reality, it might just tell us what’s about to happen.
Kim started: “I saw a warp through which we went, remember when you had me tied up and I felt the movements.”
Rodge explained: “That was indeed a tunnel, but were actually driving a small trolley.”
“And here’s what happened…” Kim told him the whole story.
Flying high above New Jersey, a plane seemed to be making record time heading towards point zero. Frank Peters, BBC correspondent in the US, was making his way. Although he didn’t like rumors, he’d received a call from BBC headquarters in London to investigate the rumor of an alleged worldwide crisis. Peters could do nothing but go. As he was sitting in the plane he was thinking about the unfinished hot chocolate had left home. “It’s gonna be a really long day” he thought. And he wasn’t far from the truth.

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