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Vector Warp Space v1 June 12, 2006

Posted by A - Your Story in Vector Warp Space.

Vector Warp Space

Genre: SF
Description: The story of Sahra the juvenile delinquent that found a new world.

The story:
“I’m walking! Can’t you see what I’m doin’! Leave me alone.”
Sarah was a in a bad mood today. In a really bad mood, to be precise. It’s not like getting bad grades was novelty to her, but this time she’d broken the schools record. Five F-s in one day. That had got to be the worst student performance level there had ever been in the history of the entire district. It’s not like there weren’t delinquents or anything, but Sarah was too much. She’d been hanging out with the wrong people for too long. Even she realized that, didn’t want to admit it, but deep down, she knew it was so. She’d been in the wrong places, she’d done the wrong things and she’d gotten on everyone’s nerves.
“Failure, huh? Failure? … (a slight pause) maybe…”
She’s been beating herself up all day. But after she’d heard the result of her exams, her world was totally spinning around.
It was a disaster for her. All the hope that she’d had to show her parents that she could make up for all of her misdoings had been shattered. She WAS willing to turn around, but no chance had until now arisen. Desperate… that’s what she felt like.
It was but a miracle that could save her now. One month left till graduation day, and her grade status was at F-.
“Can it get any worse than that?” she shouted aloud (to herself).
She continued to walk, she’d have taken the bus, but her allowance had been suspended, until she’d behave, or at least that’s what her parents kept telling her. O she crossed the bridge. It was a five mile-long bridge, and having to walk it was tiring.
“What?” and Sarah looked sideways. She saw two flames – one on her right and one on her left. Both of them were coming closer to her. As the flames were approaching she realized that a sharp looking object was descending from right on top of here. She’d have shouted for help, but there was absolutely no one on the street, and no houses for a couple of miles.
The flames were advancing and the object now seemed to cover all of the light. Before the flames could hit her she screamed. The object above covered her. Total darkness followed. She could perceive nothing. Then, in an instant she fell, at least that’s what she thought, it was like entering a dream, not feeling gravity. She felt as if she was flying through the black void surrounding her. It felt like for ever, but eventually…
“Miss, miss… Are you there miss?”
“Lady, what’s happened to ya’?”
“Where in…” she pronounced, “what’s happened to me?”
“I found youse on this here road, and you’re a lucky lady, I could have run you over drivin’ ma’ truck.”
“I…” she tried to get up.
“Take this too, lady, it’s your disk, ain’t it?” asked the man, and picked up the disk, then gave her a hand.
Sarah was up by now and she was heading towards he man’s truck. He drove her home. Her parents, when they had found out were immensely scared. At first they thought that maybe she’d been using drugs, but then reassured by some lab test, tried to figure out what had happened to her. She hadn’t told her parents about the experience that she’d been through.
She suddenly remembered that she had found the disk and ran to her bedroom, when her parents were calling some specialist, a doctor. She was going to find out what it was.
The blue disk seemed to be scratched, when she had started analyzing it, but it seemed to be symmetrically done. Sarah, although puzzled, placed it in her computer. The screen went black. “The disk is black. I went into a black (out), now the screen.” She thought to herself. And she was right, it WAS liked to what had happened to her. In a second she started having the same feeling as before, but the after a few seconds of darkness, the light appeared, and when she turned around, towards her window, what she saw was not the empty road followed by a portion of woods, but it was a marvelous set of towers, buildings that she’d never seen, most of them were blue. She’d also seen some sort of planes, but had no clue as to what the were doing. A whole world lay ahead. Yet her room was the same. Even the computer. But what could her one story house be doing here? Where was here? But also, what had happened? That was a mystery.



1. A - Your Story - June 12, 2006

I’m working on the story that you suggested. I don’t know what you think but I was sort of, well, not really convinced the purple sun would be… erm… totally… do-able.
I was thinking more of something like him finding some sort of key, but not a simple one, maybe a disk, a purple disk that he tries to place in his computer… (and don’t ask why some of my ideas can sound delirious, I’m making this up as I go) and then he gets the computer to be a transported to different places, to the different earth you were talking about, I’ll put this on the website. Tell me what you think.
I’ve posted what I think is a nice beginning.
Tell me if you like this one.
Oh, and Loki, would you like to beome pan-pals? I’d really like to talk.

2. Loki - June 12, 2006

Wow, that was a great start, I liked it and how it shifted to two different events 🙂 and about the pen-pal thing, why not?

3. A - Your Story - June 12, 2006

Thanks, I’ll send you an e-mail on your address. by the way, how do you like the new look (of the blog)?
I’m working on uploading one of my photos on the website. It should be there already when you read this meassage.
Your turn to write and continue this here story, I really hope you have some good ideas, I’m strangely feeling drained, maybe it’s the weather.

4. Loki - June 12, 2006

The new look is great, I like it. Too bad WordPress isn’t like Blogger in some aspects (like HTML editing for templates). Like the roleplaying and writing boot camp I’ve unwittingly tossed myself into, this is getting scary 😀 *feels nervous* meep!

5. A - Your Story - June 12, 2006

no, THIS is the new look!
ith the new picture.
Have you received my e-mail?

6. Administrator - June 12, 2006

If anyone wants to post a continuation to this story feel free to post it as a comment!

7. Loki - June 13, 2006

Yup, I’ve received the mail 🙂

8. Loki - June 13, 2006

It seemed as if everything was one big, weird dream. Sarah wondered if anyone else had this experience of seeing other worlds linked to their own. Could be the reverse to who was looking into our world? She thought to herself, studying the terribly scratched disc in her trembling hands once more. There were many times in her live where she had been dragged to different worlds thanks to the aid of books, video games, daydreams and the odd bunch of flashbacks, but nothing as strange as this. I’ve always wanted to get away from everything, why not take the chance while I still have one? She was quite excited of leaving her dreary and routine riddled life, no matter how long or short it would be. Her room, unlike her brother’s, was quite messy with things strewn everywhere; it was like a whirlwind had gone though during the middle of the night, but that didn’t stop her from getting a few necessities.
“Dear Mum, I’m going away today…” she said to herself as she packed a random selection of clothing, toiletries gathered from the bathroom and other things “… I might not be coming back.” She shook her head. No way can I write something like that to Mum if I’m going a place where I might be killed or never return from! Something struck her as she ran to fill a school canteen-bottle. Maybe I could write it off as a long excursion, like a camp of some sort for Biology! I might failing now, but this plan is better than nothing! She smiled to herself, feeling warm and fuzzy, despite having to leave to go to a different world anytime soon. She looked out the bedroom window, it was getting dark quickly. She closed the blinds and left the room lightless and stuck the disc into the computer very carefully.
“Just for a little while, and then I’ll come back, if I make it.” She gasped as a flash of light entered the dim room.

* * *

Pain racked her body from where she fell from one of the silvery trees in the purple forest. There was thankfully, no one around. But a few long necked and mouthless tall things that resembled fleshy stalks.
“Oh, shoot!”

9. A - Your Story - June 13, 2006

Very nice! Sorry I had to edit out your last word. Some may not approve of it. I’m transferring it into the story ASAP.
How can I ask people on Arcane to come visit? i mean, they only publish stories in there. Anyway, thanks, my turn to continue, a bit later though, because i’m tired from, the new stories, that you mau have noticed.
Thanks for contributing Loki (I’m calling you Pokemon, you know why)!

10. Loki - June 13, 2006

Well, since it’s a forum, you have to register to be a member and from there you can post about this site. I get that Ash-from-Pokemon thing a lot, especially in college! 😀

11. A - Your Story - June 13, 2006

To talk, I have created a special section. the Talk page, check that out! tell me what you think there.

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