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Your Story

"Your Story – is what you make of it"

Your Story is the place where you can write and continue stories. It's a place where writers join in to create. It's where you get involved in all the action and it's where the actions depends on you.

Here is how the system works. You have predifined story beginnings. Now it may be very possible that some people have already continued these stories. What you have to do is:

1.you read the portion of the story that has been written;
2. you think of something intersting (inspiration);
3. you write your piece of the story to continue (make sure it's the continuation of what the person before you has posted, but feel free to add in your own ideas, etc.);
4. you post what you have written as a comment (that way we read what you have posted and then insert it into the text of the story, and don't worry if it takes a while for it to appear in the body of the story, that's perfectly normal);

Also, all the poeple that have ever posted something on our website will get mentioned in the credits list. So, don't forget to write down your name at the end of the story fragment that you have posted.

Feel free to post a fragment of any lengh: long or short.

All you have to do is choose one of the books and start writing.

And if you have any suggestions of things that we might add to the site, or if you believe there is a good idea that we may need to knwow, contact us.

And finally, thanks for contributing, we hope to make this into a large community of writers. Good luck and all the best! Oh, and come back soon!